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T4 Four Point Eccentric Gear Link Type Press T4 Four Point Eccentric Gear Link Type Press


T4 Four Point Eccentric Gear Link Type Press

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The T4 series press is a four-point mechanical eccentric press with 4 sets of guide post and guide bushes. Its working table can be made larger than T2 series. KINGLAN T4 series press machine adopts mature technology and structure, and the key parts are all world famous brands; the structure design is reasonable, the performance is stable and reliable; in working state, there is enough static and dynamic stiffness to ensure the system has good dynamic quality; The accuracy and response speed of the selected CNC drive system and actuators meet the design standards. It can meet the quality requirements of the process and product of the processed parts for a long time. Press has excellent sealing performance, no leakage, easy operation and maintenance, beautiful appearance and excellent after-sales service. Only after the whole machine is installed and commissioned to be qualified in our own plant, it will be disassembled and transported to the customer for installation. 


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