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T2 Two Point Eccentric Gear Driving Press

Category: Eccentric and Multi-Link Type Mechanical Press, Mechanical Power Press

The T2 series eccentric power press is a two-point eccentric type press. The eccentric gear is one of the key parts of the mechanical press. In the main drive system of the upper beam of the press, the eccentric gear and the connecting rod, the guide post and the slider constitute a crank slider mechanism. The rotary motion of the eccentric wheel is converted into a linear reciprocating motion of the slider by the crank slider mechanism, thereby realizing the stamping function of the mechanical press.

The manufacturing precision of the eccentric gear directly affects the movement precision of the mechanical press slider, which in turn affects the overall work of the mechanical press.

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    Eccentric Power Press  Features:

    1.The body the press is made of welded steel plate split structure or steel plate welded one-piece structure. The top seat in the split structure, the middle platform, and the base are pre-tightened by four reinforcing rods to form a high rigidity.

    2.The press uses eccentric gears for stable transmission and low noise.

    3.Guided by a four-corner eight-sided guide rail, the lateral force is small and the precision is high.

    4.The working table of the press can be selected as fixed or forward and backward moving, left and right moving and "T" type moving, etc. The user can select according to the specific conditions such as equipment arrangement, single machine or production line. It is convenient and quick to change the mold using moving trolley.

    5.The model of the press can be air-cushion fixed stroke or adjustable stroke to meet the technical requirements of various complex and tensile parts in structure.

    6.The lubrication system of the press adopts an automatic circulation system, continuous fixed-point and quantitative oil supply methods, and has fault detection devices such as blockage, crack and insufficient oil.

    7.The electrical control system of the press adopts a programmable (PLC) control system, various functions such as the electronic cam, the control angle monitoring and display, and the pressure tonnage monitoring and display are controlled by PLC.

    T2 Two Point Eccentric Gear Driving Press Photos

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