ALH Double Crank Separated H Frame Press

Category: H (Straightside) Frame Crank Type Mechanical Stamping Press, Mechanical Power Press

The ALH series press machine adopts a three-divided frame. The reinforcing rod is used to pre-tighten the top seat, the middle platform and the base into a whole, which has strong rigidity. The whole high speed stamping press adopts circulating thin oil lubrication and crankshaft transmission. the crankshaft driving device of the press machine comprises a motor, a crankshaft, and the flywheel fixedly connected to the clutch at one end.

The motor directly drives the flywheel to rotate through the V-belt, and the other end of the crankshaft is provided with a brake; the slider device is guided by the eight-sided guide rail, and two balance cylinders are arranged on both sides of the slider device. The cylinder of the balancer is fixed on the frame, and the piston is fixedly connected with the slider device; the upper beam is provided with a motor, a sprocket and a worm pair to adjust the die height.

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    High Speed Stamping Press features:

    1.The press adopts grinding gear, the transmission is stable and the noise is low.

    2.The high-performance hydraulic overload protection device adopts four-corner and eight-sided guides, guided by long guide rails, with small lateral force and high precision.

    3.The lubrication system of the press adopts automatic circulation system, continuous fixed-point and quantitative oil supply mode, and has fault detection devices for such as pipeline blockage, rupture and insufficient oil.

    4.Expandability with automated feeder and high speed die change system

    5.The slider position measurement mode is mechanical, and the slider die height display accuracy is ±0.1mm. Adjust to the upper and lower limit position to stop automatically.

    6.Fully automatic lubrication system, oil filter is installed on the intermittent lubrication and continuous lubrication pipeline of the press, and the oil filter has a plugging detection device.

    7.The control core of the press adopts PLC and is equipped with a touch screen man-machine interface. The fault information that the press controls, the number of speed adjustment strokes of the main motor, the number of lubrication times, the product count and the necessary operation prompts are all displayed.

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