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Acceptance Inspection

The equipment acceptance is divided into two stages of acceptance. One is delivery arrival unpacking acceptance; another is installation and commissioning trial acceptance. Every stage must have A and B personnel participate in on-site inspection. If party B is not involved, it is deemed as party A on-site acceptance results.

1. Unpacking acceptance: the equipment that arrives must be brand-new, and its quality, specifications and technical characteristics conform to the requirements of the contract and some attachments. Party A shall complete the unpacking acceptance formalities according to the contract technical requirements. The specific unpacking acceptance criteria are as follows:
Unpacking acceptance items
Acceptance criteria
Equipment specifications and models
Check the nameplate by reference of contract requirements
Equipment appearance
No injury, no paint off
Attached material
According to equipment data requirements
Attached spare parts
According to technical requirements

2. Formal acceptance of equipment

After the installation and commissioning, training and machine trial, both party A and B will formally accept the acceptance criteria specified in the contract technical requirements.
Acceptance criteria
Mechanical protection requirements
Equipment design and manufacturing must comply with national and industry-related standards to prevent production, quality, and safety accidents caused by misuse. If the safety accident and property loss caused by defects such as the design and manufacturing of party B, party B shall bear all the risks. It is required to install a reliable protective device in dangerous locations (mechanical engagement, rotation, motion etc. which may involve personal safety) of the equipment, with a clear warning sign, and at the same time, to identify them on the operation manual. The direction of motor rotation should be clearly marked. Protection devices such as protective covers must be added to the exposed transmission parts. Mechanical transmission, mechanism rotation, transfer robot etc. shall be provided with reliable protection devices to prevent human body parts from entering the equipment. Manually operated equipment must be equipped with a safety protection device.
Some signs, chains and other rotating mechanism shall not be exposed and need to install protective covers; wire mesh protection must be installed around the movement part of the equipment.
Wiring distribution requirements
The equipment electrical complies with the national wiring safety standard and the equipment must be equipped with an independent control panel. Incoming line power adopts standard connection (three-phase five-wire or single-phase three-wire system). The total power switch must match with actual power consumption of the equipment. The effective electrical ground and leakage protection device will be equipped with the machine with a clear grounding mark. The strong and weak electricity should be arranged separately, and the electrical connection and layout must not be exposed and must be fully enclosed.
On-site operation, check whether this function available
Environmental protection requirements
Noise, waste water, waste gas, and solid waste emissions should meet national standards and related industry standards.
Marks guideline requirements
The equipment shall post necessary safety warning labels, safety operation instructions and other documents. Each line of the electric control box must be identified by a line code, and the line code pipe must be printed by professional equipment. Handwriting identification is not allowed. Pipelines and circuit layouts as well as colors should be standardized and in compliance with relevant national standards. There should be clear letter marks and flow direction marks, prohibiting messy cross. The valve of the equipment shall be marked under normal working condition and it is normally open or normally closed. The instrument panel meets relevant industry standards and national standards. The disc surface should have regional colors to identify danger, normal and abnormal status. (red represents a dangerous area, yellow represents an abnormal area and green represents a normal area). Large capacitance area must be clearly marked of discharge and maintenance warning.
According to industry standards and national standards
Important components placement
Put in the place that is not easily collided.
Avoid each movement mechanism
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Equipment Training

Training content includes but is not limited to the following items (written training record)

Training content
Training requirement
Equipment operation principle and function
Theory introduction
Equipment operation and demonstration
Theory introduction and on-site training
Equipment maintenance
Theory introduction and on-site training
Common fault analysis and solution of equipment
Theory introduction and on-site training
Equipment operation safety and emergency handling
Theory introduction and on-site training
1.Equipment training after entering the factory

Factory training is arranged before the equipment is put into use, total training time above 4 hours. During the installation and commissioning of the equipment, the production, technology and management personnel from party A can ask any questions about the equipment to the technical personnel of party B. Party B should provide detailed answers and must not reject it for any reason.
2.Solution for abnormal device during the warranty period

During the warranty period of the equipment, if equipment is abnormal, the party B shall take out the solution within 6 hours. If out of scope, party B shall reach the place of party A within 24 hours and put forward on-site solution to solve the abnormal failures, formulate and implement the equipment maintenance plan.
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Equipment Training

For the equipments sold to our customers, our company provides the following quality assurance:
1.Equipment quality guarantee period is one year (exclude wearing parts with normal wear)
2. During the quality assurance period, we are responsible for free maintenance. Due to equipment failure caused by the customer's responsibility, we are responsible for maintenance by collecting reasonable charges.
3. Spare parts for the equipment are always available and the entire machine is maintained for life.
4. After the warranty expiring, if the user needs repairs and technical services, we will only charge the cost, which is hereby guaranteed.
5. Our company upholds all-round, high-quality and fast service standards and takes customer satisfaction as the goal.

Service Commitment
1.Our company has set up a professional emergency service teams, experienced on-site engineers and senior technicians. We can rush to the scene and solve issues that arise.
2.Within one week after machine delivery, the staff of our company's after-sales service department will conduct telephone tracking and consultation according to the customer's contact information until knowing that the customer is satisfied.
3.All complaints about product quality, we will reply within one hour, arrive at the scene within 24 hours, and determine the treatment measures according to the complaint, repair and replacement new parts.
4.Our company promises that all maintenance personnel can be on call and solve problems for customers.
5.The costs incurred during the warranty period in relation to the quality of the product shall be borne by us.
6.During the warranty period, due to customer improper use or due to the natural environment, we provide free maintenance. The materials and accessories used for maintenance are only charged at cost.
7.For products that exceed the warranty period, our company promises to have regular onsite inspection and maintenance throughout life.

1.All shipments will be delivered to customers in time and installed, commissioned, and maintained free of charge. The maintenance personnel inform the customer how to carry out product maintenance knowledge until they are satisfied
2.After all the goods are installed and commissioned, our personnel can leave the site only after the inspection and acceptance by the customer.

Good Return Commitment
1.The returned product requires complete packaging list and accessories for the product, invoice, and explanation of the reason for return.
2.If the user has quality problems under normal use, please contact the company quickly during the warranty period so that the user can get timely maintenance or replacement.
3.The following conditions can not enjoy the company's return promise
a.The machine was used abnormally
b.Machine stored in a non-normal condition like wet
c.Unauthorized repairs
d.Normal wear of the product
e.Beyond the warranty period
Zhejiang Jinaolan Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

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