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The Protective Measures Required For Safe Production of Servo Feeder Press

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The Protective Measures Required For Safe Production of Servo Feeder Press

Safety production is the basic factor of enterprises, and the stamping production line is based on safe production. Punching feeder can be applied to different feeders of different types and specifications. Automatic feeding can help stamping equipment to achieve many advantages such as accurate feeding, fast speed, less manpower and effectiveness. According to the schedule and speed, it can be divided into air feeder and roller feeder, NC servo feeder press, etc. To achieve safe production, enterprises must have the following protective measures:

1. The servo feeder press should have signs such as nameplates, operating instructions, safety and warning instructions.
2. To make sure the power supply wiring of the punch feeder is standardized, and the cable of the equipment is not damaged or aged.
3. To make sure that the key to distribution box will automatically cut off the power when you use it to open the box, so as to avoid the situation that the box is still energized while it was opening.
4. When the punch feeder is performing the conversion operations of single, continuous, pedal stamping, etc., it should be carried out with a transfer switch with a key lock.
5. When the servo feeder press is operated in a single stroke, the continuous stamping stroke shall not occur.
6. In the operation of continuous stroke, the pre-control action should be preinstalled during the operation.
7. There must be an emergency stroke on the punch feeder, and it can automatically lock.
8. The pedal operation and hand operation of the punch feeder should have interlocking control.
9. For the transmission gears, pulleys, flywheels, levers and other transmission part exposed outside the body and on the top of the body, protective covers should be installed to avoid damages.
10. The pedal operating device of the punch feeder must adopt the foot pedal, and the electric switch is controlled by the pedal, and it can be automatically reset.
11. On the upper and the two sides of the mechanical pedal should be equipped with a protective cover, and the pedal should be non-slip.
12. The servo feeder pressmust have safety protection measures to prevent the hand from entering the closed area of the mold. When using the feeder, it is necessary to adopt automatic feeding and discharging protective actions, to install safety protection devices and safety molds according to different types of stamping equipment, the shape of the workpiece to be produced, and so on. Special tools can also be used as a protective measure.
13. Regularly test the three items of the electrical system: ground connection, insulation and withstand voltage test, conduct tests, and record the test report.

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