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KINGLAN Organized Red Cross First-aid Training Activities

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KINGLAN Organized Red Cross First-aid Training Activities

In order to further promote the safety construction of KINGLAN enterprises, managers at all levels should master the most basic knowledge and skills for emergency nursing, and be able to rescue themselves and rescue each other in a timely and effective manner when accidental injuries occur, minimizing the loss of life and property. On July 12th, 2018, KINGLAN specially invited the “Red Cross” first-aid experts from Wuyi County to our company to carry out a two-day emergency training knowledge and activity.

Wuyi County Red Cross experts vividly explained the basic knowledge of rescue, including judgment consciousness, artificial respiration, open airway, chest compression, emergency dressing, casualty handling, fracture fixation and so on. Through the teacher’s vivid explanations and exercises, the employees have basically understood the steps and precautions of the heart resuscitation.

After the experts talked about practical first-aid techniques such as dressing and fracture fixation, everyone formed a pair and contacted each other. They wanted to use this valuable opportunity to improve their practical operation ability. The learning atmosphere on the spot was positive and enthusiastic.

After the theoretical knowledge is finished, the expert asked the employees to conduct practical training in groups. No one passes the first-aid training on the actual emergency situation of the first-aid simulator. During the training process, the Red Cross experts correct the details of the employees and pass the comprehensive training to ensure that each employee’s tactics, the proportion of time spent blowing, etc. are all in place.

After the theoretical basis and the actual operation completed, the experts conducted a one-on-one test on the learning effect of the employees through the written test and the actual operation, all passed.

Through this training, the managers at all levels of the company not only learned about self-help and mutual rescue knowledge, but also mastered the self-help and mutual rescue skills, understood the fragility of life, and revealed the importance of self-help and mutual rescue. The training activities have far-reaching significance.

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