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The Height of the Mold when the Power Press Auto Feeder is Installed

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The Height of the Mold when the Power Press Auto Feeder is Installed

We all know that after the customer purchases the power press auto feeder, how to install and use the equipment is also very important. During the installation, whether the height of power press auto feeder and press mold line are the same or not is the basic requirement for the installation of punch feeder.

In the punch press production line, whether it is the NC feeder , the three-in-one feeder, the yaw feeder, the roller feeder or the clip feeder, most of the installation methods are to install the feeder mounting plate in the press. And then install it in a fixed location.

In order to ensure stable feeding, it is necessary to adjust the fixing bolts on the mounting plate according to different molds to change the height of the feeder feeding line. The adjustment height of the feeder feed line is determined according to the customer’s time and the height of the mold.

In addition to the height adjustment of the power press auto feeder and the stamping die, during installation, the operator should change the height of the power press auto feeder and the die line according to the height adjustment of different stamping die lines during production. Only when the feeding height of the feeder is consistent with the stamping die line can we be more precise in the production process and the conveying is smoother. So how to adjust it?

First of all, we have to determine the position of the new mold line to adjust the height; the height of the feed line needs to be increased or lowered. After clarifying the feed height adjustment range of the feeder, it is necessary to confirm whether the height adjustment bolt on the mounting plate of the power press auto feeder can be adjusted to the required feed height after being adjusted to the limit.

If it can reach our adjustment range, only the screw that is reinforced on the mounting plate by the power press auto feeder should be loosened halfway until the height adjustment bolt of the power press auto feeder can be twisted. After adjusting to the required height, lock the bolts on the high-speed roller mounting plate. If it is not enough, the entire machine needs to be removed at this time, and the hole is re-punched to fix the height of the mounting plate so that the adjustment height can meet the new mold line height requirement. (It is best to measure whether the mold line can reach the adjustment range when installing a new mold. This can avoid the drawbacks of not being adjusted after installation, which is wasting time.

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