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The Difference Between Punch Press Servo Feeder and Feeder

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The Difference Between Punch Press Servo Feeder and Feeder

The new type of machine developed and produced on the basis of the traditional NC feeder, its unique back-and-forth yaw shifting feeding method can minimize the scrap produced during stamping production. It not only improves production efficiency but also stock utilization, especially suitable for the production of wafers.

What is the difference between a punch press servo feeder and a normal air feeder?
1. Feeding cost and feeding accuracy are different.
2. The feeding principle of the feeder is different.
3. The feeding operation mode is different.

What kind of material is the punch press servo feeder mainly for?
The servofeeder is generally used for material saving, such as rounding, misalignment, circle in the left and another circle, two segments, but the punch press servo feeder cannot be washed too many times in a minute, because there is a buffering process which will take time when the machine is swinging.

The servo feeder is mainly for metal wafers. The automatic shifting feeder is designed and manufactured for the wafer cutting production line, saving cost and improving efficiency, high output, high efficiency, high precision, low energy consumption, fully automatic control. The flattening work rolls of the feeder can adjust the camber of materials, and make the material pass through the mold and ensure the flatness of the wafer.

The KINGLAN servo feeder is driven by the most accurate foreign servo motor, which is easy and fast to operate, and it can reducing work preparation time and increasing productivity. The body structure is integrated, and the structure is precise, and the body is strong.

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