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The Advantages of the 3 in 1 Straightener

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The Advantages of the 3 in 1 Straightener

The 3 in 1 straightener can automatically monitor various conditions in operation, which has played a very important role in reducing the rate of defective products.

1. The feeding roller and the correcting roller adopt bearing steel (SUJT2). After high cycle heat treatment HRC60o, they are coated with hard chromium and then grinded. They have high hardness, wear resistance and long service life.
2. The feeding outlet guide frame device of the 3 in 1 straightener enables the leveled material to enter into the die steadily and straightly. (The device can be disassembled)
3. The motor drives the pressing arm device, which acts on the thick plate material to increase the ability of auxiliary sending material during the uncoiling process, so that the uncoiling can operate more smoothly.
4. The height of feeding line of the 3 in 1 straightener adopts turbine adjusting device (electrically and manually), which makes it easy to change the die to adjust the feeding line height when meeting different products.
5. The material rack contains variable-frequency drive, which can adjust the running speed of the material rack to synchronize with the leveling feeding, and ensure that the material will not be damaged in the work.
6. The daily dial Indicators can be precisely adjusted and readily read out the value of 0.1mm. After leveling, the material can be adjusted to the radian upward or downward and the required flatness.
7. The roll head flattening device of the 3 in 1 straightener is difficult for manpower to import leveling rollers because of the strong radian steeliness of the thick material head. After the leveling device, the rollers can be accurately and easily imported.
8. flattening device to help to level the stub bar so feeding work does not require manual operation.
9. The feeding bridge device of the 3 in 1 straightener should be adapted to the change of the diameter of the coil in operation.
10. Material rack contains air disc brake device. Material rack will stop discharging in case of emergency, and brake smoothly.
11. The thick material adopts four gear sets, which can accurately match the gears closely.
12. The liftable upper roller seat device facilitates the thorough cleaning and maintenance of the leveling roller.
13. The amplitude adjusting gear device of the NC leveller (three in one) can be adjusted by hand-operated turbine according to the different width of the material.
14. Left and right hydraulic ejector of the material can flexibly support material to fall and protect material from being damaged in operation.
15. The feeding length and the feeding speed that can be set by oneself give users more convenience.

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