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Software System Design of Automatic Feeder for Power Press

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Software System Design of Automatic Feeder for Power Press

PLC Main Program Design

PLC executes a procedure from beginning to the end. The program enters the image area from the input port. Each input port reads the port state from the memory, and then writes it into the device image area. The output port reads out the output state from the storage area, and then controls the external relays, component switches and so on, so as to control the whole feeding system.

System Control Flow

According to the actual work needs of the screw ring automatic feeder for power press, the whole process from feeding to discharging is the combination of automatic control and manual work. After the operator starts to install the installed lifting ring on the tooling, the bolt height is detected by the laser distance sensor. If the height reaches the preset parameter value, the equipment will alarm. After the feeder sends the screw ring to the designated position, the stamping bar will start. The displacement sensor detects the total length of the bolt and the thread retaining ring assembled at this time. If the length reaches the preset parameter value, the assembly process is completed and the workpiece is taken out.

Man-machine interface programming

Man-machine interface is offered for operators to observe the implementation of the program, such as the detection of bolt height and screw retainer pressure, the pneumatic circuit will carry out a series of actions. If the actual height value meets the preset parameter requirements, it can be adjusted by the control program button on the man-machine interface.


Automatic feeder for power press plays an important role in actual production. With the advent of industrial 4.0, automated production slowly replaces manual operation, and improves production efficiency while improving production process, which greatly reduces the overall production time of enterprises. The peripherals controlled by PLC are easy to operate, which is beneficial for operators to learn and use. Flexible clamping is becoming more and more stable, which is more suitable for the needs of production diversity. The screw retaining ring down-pressure automatic feeder for power press studied in this paper meets the needs of the development of the times, and has a certain reference for future equipment upgrading.

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