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Safety Operation Regulations for Power Press machine

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Safety Operation Regulations for Power Press machine

1. Operators should be familiar with the structure and performance of the equipment and master the operation methods.
2. Before work, the equipment should be inspected. The equipment should be switched on and operated without any abnormalities. Then the equipment should be started to run empty for 3 minutes. Only when the motor runs at full speed without any abnormality can the clutch be combined to make the power press machine work.
3. According to the lubrication system diagram of the equipment, lubricating oil should be added regularly according to different parts.
4. Attention should be paid to the following points when installing the die of the power press machine: (1) The slider must be opened to the lower dead point and the closing height must be correct when installing the die. Avoid eccentric load as much as possible. When installing and debugging the die, measures such as cushion plate should be taken to prevent the upper die parts from falling and injuring hands. (2) Preliminary positioning of the die is tightened, and then the punch is moved close to the die. Then, while observing, the punch nut is twisted to align the die to ensure that the gap around the die is equal. (3) Tighten the die. After pointing and observing the alignment of the die, test the parts, and check whether the parts have flash phenomenon. If there is, make local adjustment. (4) The die must be reliable so as not to damage the die and punch.
5. when operating the power press machine, you should be focused and can not chat while working.
6. Every time you step on the foot switch, your foot should leave. You should not always put your foot on the foot switch to avoid accidental touching of the switch and causing accidents.
7. When feeding or receiving materials, it is strictly forbidden to extend hands or other parts of the body into dangerous areas. Auxiliary tools should be selected for processing small parts. When the die is stuck in the blank, only tools are allowed to be release and remove it.
8. It is absolutely forbidden to blank two sheets at the same time regardless of the size of the workpiece.
9. When the operator leaves his post, he must turn off the power supply in time and not make the equipment run when no one is there.
10. In the process of operation, attention should be paid to safety at all times. When the machine tool breaks down, it should stop immediately and ask the maintenance personnel to check and repair it.
11. After the work is finished, the die should be dropped and the power supply should be cut off. Clean up the debris and hygiene around the surface of the equipment in time to ensure a good working environment and personal safety.

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