ALM Series Special Press for Battery Case

Category: H (Straightside) Frame Crank Type Mechanical Stamping Press, Mechanical Power Press

The battery shell deep drawing metal stamping press machine and the battery shell pres line conform to the high-speed development needs of new energy vehicles and smart phone batteries. With the concept of “innovation”, the automatic multi-station stamping press has been designed and developed by KINGLAN, which has been successfully applied to the battery shell production field.

The battery case special multi-station press can carry out the process combination of blanking, stretching, trimming, explosion-proof printing, deburring etc., with manual, inching, single operation, variable frequency continuous operation and emergency stop function; battery Shell special multi-station press line configuration: material automatic decoiler machine, pneumatic automatic feeder, fixed table multi-station press, transmission system, cam returning system, multi-station flexible manipulator, material ejection system, multi-station progressive die, mold lubrication system, mold cooling system, horizontal trimming die mechanism, automatic mold inspection system, product conveyor, etc.

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    Sheet Metal Stamping Press Machine features:

    1. Fixed working table multi-station press adopts PLC electrical control system, which can be matched with various automation equipments with high precision, long service life and stable performance;

    2. The multi-station flexible manipulator consists of arms, clips, transfer slides and other components to ensure smooth and reliable clamping of the product, ensuring smooth and accurate product transfer from left to right, low noise;

    3. It can adapt to multi-variety production only by changing the clip;

    4. The multi-station flexible manipulator and the fixed working table multi-station press and the multi-station progressive die have strong synchronization, stability and reliability;

    5. Adopt pneumatic ejection system and cam returning system to ensure accurate and reliable material return, and ensure continuous automatic production of the whole line;

    6. The compact structure and small footprint make it possible to automate all processes from feeding the material to forming and sending the parts out.

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