ALF Single Crank Closed Press

Category: H (Straightside) Frame Crank Type Mechanical Stamping Press, Mechanical Power Press

The ALF series h type power press machine has an integrated welding machine body and a crankshaft drive. Closed single-point circulation thin oil lubrication, which further improves the working environment of the machine tool; super long eight-sided guide rail, excellent precision retention ability. The straight-column, one-piece body has better rigidity than C-type press machine. The perfect man-machine protection is in line with press safety standards.

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    Mechanical Punch Press Machine Features:

    1. Increased productivity and production flexibility;

    2. Ensure high precision stamping products;

    3. Cutting material with low noise, low vibration and easy operation

    4. The deformation of the frame is small, die life is greatly improved, and the reliability is strong.

    5. Built-in eight-sided long guide rail, high rigidity body

    6. PLC control system, convenient punching automation connection

    7. Press is with high rigidity, suitable for big thickness products production.

    ALF Single Crank Closed Press Photos

    ALD Single Crank Semi-closed Press
    ALT Double Crank Integrated H Frame Press

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