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ALE Double Crank H Frame Power Press Punching Machine

Category: H (Straightside) Frame Crank Type Mechanical Stamping Press, Mechanical Power Press

ALE series h frame power press machine is one of the hot products of KINGLAN high-precision press machines. It adopts the structure of closed type double-crank, frame made by welded steel plate which processed through heat treatment and elimination of internal stress. The transmission center and the center of whole machine tend to be the same to ensure accurate and stable stamping.

The clutch/brake device of the high-precision steel frame press is highly sensitive, the slider adjusting mechanism is adjusted to high precision, and the production is to be safer and faster. The crankshaft, gear, gear shaft and other friction parts of closed double-crank precision press are hardened and heat-treated and then ground. It has high wear resistance and balance, stable performance, ensuring the quality and service life of CNC press machine. The high performance power press punching machine can be equipped with an automatic feeder and engaged in automatic transfer of the entire production line.

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    H Frame Power Press Features:

    1. Easy operation, humanized design of control system.

    2. Continuous and inching movement mode, satisfying different operational requirements.

    3. Big size bolster and slider area with reasonable T slot deployment adapt to varieties of mould installation.

    4. Imported PLC cooperated with imported cam switch provides powerful and any-time programmable function, reserving enough room for expansion.

    5. Easy die height adjustment. Easy and quick electrical or manual adjustment device, reading accuracy is up to 0.1mm.

    6. Digital die height indicator reflects die height at any time.

    7. Electronic crankshaft angle display shows the travel location at any time, obvious to observe its position.

    8. The configuration of frequency motor allows you to change the stroke speed at any time to adapt to different stamping process demand.

    9. Centralized lubrication device ensures all moving parts lubricated timely, reducing machine wear and prolong its service life.

    10. Instructional slider motion function can make all online presses connected smoothly.

    11. Air blowing device automatically blows away work-piece wastage, protecting mould safety as well as improving production efficiency.

    12. Miss feed detection function will remind abnormal situation and quickly stop the press to protect mould safety, reducing waste.

    13. Electromagnetic stroke counter and preset counter make your production management more convenient.

    14. When motor lack of power or with low rotational speed, slider will automatically stop moving

    15. Lower mould pneumatic knock-out device and upper mould mechanical knock-out device make part ejection easily realized.

    16. If clutch wear, automatic alarm occurs to stop the press

    17. Extremely high affinity to surrounding automatic equipments enables unmanned operation, greatly enhanced work efficiency.

    ALE Double Crank H Frame Press Photos

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    ALD Single Crank Semi-closed Press

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