ALD Single Crank Semi-closed Press

Category: H (Straightside) Frame Crank Type Mechanical Stamping Press, Mechanical Power Press

The ALD series is a semi-closed crank stamp press machine independently developed by KINGLAN to meet customer needs. It has the characteristics of small change of mold height, small deviation of dynamic center, small amount of stamping deformation, and low noise of blanking cutting. The fixed-lock six-sided guide rail and high-rigidity body realize high-precision stamping of the product, and the life of the mold is also greatly improved.

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    Stamp Press Machine Features:

    1. Built-in transmission construction, no gear or flywheel injury to personnel

    2. Emergency button can instantly stop the machine at any time, well handling unexpected accidents.

    3. Safety loop device of two-hand operation requires synchronous press within 0.2s to get operated, protecting the safety of personnel.

    4. Overload automatic protection device can instantly detect exceeded pressure and make an emergency stop within 0.01s, avoiding press, mould and personnel injury.

    5. Cam failure detection circuit can effectively avoid dangerous accidents caused by cam wear.

    6. The use of photoelectric safety device can make the machine emergency stop if detecting foreign matter into dangerous zone, avoiding danger.

    7. The interconnected control loop consisting of imported solenoid valve and cam device ensures correct movement of clutch, impossible occurrence of continuous stamping.

    8. When brake pad wears causing long time braking and angle deflection, machine can automatically detect and give signal to avoid danger.

    9. Electrical box’s power-off device (when open the door, power will be off) ensures the safety of electrical maintenance.

    10. The safety net setting on the back of the machine guarantees the safety of personnel.

    ALD Single Crank Semi-closed Press Photos

    ALE Double Crank H Frame Power Press Punching Machine
    ALF Single Crank Closed Press

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