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Product Characteristics of H Frame Single Crank Press

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Product Characteristics of H Frame Single Crank Press

H frame single crank press has the following characteristics:

Closed integral welding fuselage eliminates the phenomenon of angle distortion of open press. The slide block is octahedral oriented. The guide rail is long and accurate, and the operation is smooth and the precision is high. It uses dry pneumatic friction clutch, which has low noise and easy to maintain. Hydraulic overload protection device. When it is overload, it will automatically get emergency stop. This can protect the safety of punch and die and easy to use. The automatic lubrication system has the function of oil alarm system to ensure the smooth operation of machine tools. Automatic adjustment of die height, digital display, easy mode adjustment. Safety PLC electric centralized control, with emergency stop, inch, single, continuous operation specifications. You can choose transmission output shaft, automatic feeding, air cushion and other devices.

As china h frame single crank press suppliers, our company strictly implements ISO quality management system, and strives to pursue high quality products and satisfy customers with after-sales service. We constantly updates and challenges advanced technology and manufacturing technology.

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