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Method for Controlling the Operation of the Punch by the Servo Feeder Press

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Method for Controlling the Operation of the Punch by the Servo Feeder Press

Servo feeder press is the most widely used feeder type. It can be used not only with various punches, but also with various types of processing machines such as shearing machines, hydraulic presses, molding machines, and laser cutting machines.

The biggest difference lies in the control methods when it is used in combination with the punching machine and the other types of processing machines. When it is used in combination with a punching machine, it controls the operation of the servo feeder mainly by the punching cam signal. When it is used in combination with other equipment, it controls the operation of processing equipment mainly by the signal (shear signal) sent by the servo feeder press.

The servo feeder is equipped with a punching machine in the occasion that a few customers need it. The Youyi servo feeder can also feed by using a shearing signal to externally control the punching machine, and this control mode is mainly used for the long step punching operation.
When the servo feeder press is used for long-step punching, because the required feeding time is relatively long, if the standardized punching machine is used to control the continuous feeding mode of the feeder, the punch slider will reach the bottom dead center position. However, the servo feeder feeding has not been completed yet, which makes it impossible to achieve an accurate feeding process. Currently, the common solution on the market is to manually perform a single-punch control punching sheet production mode, after the servo feeder feed is completed, and then the personnel operates, but this working method cannot achieve the continuous stamping production effect.

The really effective and reliable solution is to use the shear function of Kinglanservo feeder to control the operation mode of the punch to realize long-step continuous automatic stamping production. In actual use, another shear control line is connected from the independent electric control box of Kinglan servo feeder to the foot switch of the punching machine, so that when the punching machine is switched to the working mode of the foot switch, the servo feeder automatically starts feeding. After the feeding is completed, the servo feeder will send a shear signal to control the punching machine for automatic stamping work and realize long-distance stable automatic stamping processing production.

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