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METALEX 2018 21-24 November 2018, at BITEC, Bangkok

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METALEX 2018 21-24 November 2018, at BITEC, Bangkok

The four-day MELALEX 2018 exhibition, with the joint efforts of our colleagues from various departments, has now come to a successful conclusion. As ASEAN’s largest international machine tool and metalworking technology trade exhibition and conference, its influence is self-evident, and it has welcomed many domestic and overseas distributors and numerous end customers to come to the exhibition. In this exhibition, our team seized the opportunity to introduce our products, corporate culture, and increase our brand’s popularity with our new customer. Meanwhile we also exchanged and negotiated with our old customers to better understand their local market conditions, needs, etc.

At the exhibition, we are not only displaying the products of our company, but also the spirit and style of our company. So this time we have changed the layout of the pavilion compared with the past, we added new elements from the overall appearance. It looks very delicate, clean and generous. All departments were fully mobilized, and made their best efforts to achieve the best and completed the exhibition together. I believe that with the joint efforts of our team, our development will become brighter and better.

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