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Introduction to Mechanical Eccentric Press

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Introduction to Mechanical Eccentric Press

Description Mechanical eccentric machine is equipped with eccentric drive mechanical multi-station press with sinusoidal motion sequence, It has short contact time, and provide adequate non-contact time in the mold cooling time, very suitable for warm forging process. This series of presses can be equipped with single point or two point sliders, providing wide range of pressure capacity, with 1000 mm or longer stroke length. In addition, the mechanical eccentric press mold space is big, also suitable for heavy die.

In order to achieve full automation of the production line, the control system has excellent flexibility. Mechanical eccentric pressure functions with a variety of peripheral equipment.  The advantage of mechanical eccentric press 1. Long stroke distance 2. High output rate 3. Short contact time 4. Long non-contact time during mold cooling 5. Long die life 6. Large mold space 7. Small tolerance and high quality of parts 8. Optional servo drive

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