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Introduction of H Frame Single Crank Press

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Introduction of H Frame Single Crank Press

Application scope of h frame single crank press: generally suitable for small, single engineering thin steel sheet and continuous die parts blanking, punching, bending, forming work, single punching, continuous die, manipulator connection or transmission system operation.

Characteristics of H frame single crank press:

1. Integral forming straight arm frame. It is symmetric in the front and rear, and has small deformation. It is suitable for precision continuous die processing. 2. The area of punch bottom is larger than that of C-type punch, which can increase the number of die works and increase the processing range. 3. Without the defect of opening throat of C-type punch frame, the maintenance cost of die can be saved. 4.The high rigidity of the platform structure, the guide rail on the center line of the punch and the long support distance can ensure the stable accuracy and extend the service life of the die. 5. High torque wet clutch. Long friction life makes maintenance cost lower. It is pollution-free and has low noise, which meets the needs of modern environmental protection.
As china h frame single crank press suppliers, we have been constantly developing and innovating. At present, we have strong technical force and broad market.

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