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Installation Process of NC Servo Roll Feeder

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Installation Process of NC Servo Roll Feeder

I. NC servo roll feeder installation accessories inventory NC feeder body Feeder fixing plate (for fixed body) Screws for the NC feeder body mounting plate Control the electric box and relax the rod and other accessories II. According to the actual situation of the customer, and the size of the punch to process the fixed plate III. Clear the location of the NC servo roll feeder installation (It can be installed on the left or right side of the press according to customer requirements, depending on the actual situation and customer needs.) IV. The feeder fixed plate installation (previously according to the size of the fixed plate with inserts facing the punch table in the middle of the punch side, keep the table perpendicular and parallel, then determine the screw position and screw on the tapping tap) V. Secure the NC servo roll feeder body to the top of the fixed plate. The key position on the fuselage is on the keyway on the fixed plate. VI. Install the rod of the installed servo roll feeder release lever. The rod should be installed on the punch slider, and the tapping on the side of the slider can be fixed. VII. The NC servo roll feeder is controlled and the cabinet is installed at the designated location. The electrical cabinet is connected to the electrical grounding wire, etc.

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