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Hardware Selection of Automatic Feeder for Power Press System

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Hardware Selection of Automatic Feeder for Power Press System

LC and Module Selection

The hardware system of the automatic screw automatic feeder for power press uses Omron’s CP1 PLC as the core controller. During the pressing process, the cylinder is used to drive the screw retaining ring. The laser distance sensor and displacement sensor are combined to control the screw retaining ring’s pressure and the position accuracy of the bolt. Servo motor, as an important automation equipment to replace personnel operation, can achieve up to four-axis motor control by adjusting the built-in parameters. In terms of cost savings, the CP series is more in line with the actual work needs. It can achieve the positioning accuracy required by conveyor belt, assembly device, sensor, etc. It can also be used for high-speed counter, frequency conversion control functions. The CP series can greatly reduce the number of devices. In addition, the cost of the CP series is considerable and widely used. Under the CP series, CP1L includes CP1L-EM/EL with Ethernet port and can output 2-axis pulse.
Because the Socket communication function on board can carry on the signal transmission with the computer and other communication equipment equipped with the Ethernet equipment. Rich I/O units not only improve the overall performance of PLC, but also increase input and output units such as temperature sensors.
The function of PLC has been further expanded to make it more widely used [6].

Selection of Human-machine interface

Human Machine Interaction (HMI) is a human-machine interface produced by Zhongda Telecom Co., Ltd. Touch detection unit is installed in front of the display screen to detect the user’s touch position and accept the backward touch screen controller. The main function of Delta touch screen controller is to receive touch information from the touch point detection device, to convert it into contact coordinates, and then send it to the CPU, which can also receive commands from the CPU and execute them.

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