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Detailed Purpose of High Speed Stamping Machine

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Detailed Purpose of High Speed Stamping Machine

Detailed purpose of high speed stamping machine Many clients will hesitate about choosing the low cost of low-speed punching machine or high price of high-speed punching machine. If you want to know how to choose a high-speed punching machine, you must firstly know what the high-speed punching machine is used to do. Only understanding various performance of high-speed punching machine can help customers to choose  high-speed punching machine more suitable for manufacturer use.

The concept of high speed stamping press: Install the corresponding mould on the high speed punch machine, send all kinds of metal materials to the punch machine through the feeder, and then punch out the corresponding parts. Speed of high speed stamping press: 200-1000 times per minute  Advantages of using high speed stamping press:

1.Press the product out of the high-speed punch through the mould. The product produced by stamping is of good quality and high precision, avoiding errors in manual operation.

2, The stamping process of high-speed stamping machine meet the requirements of some enterprises, such as fast speed, stamping out more parts. High-speed stamping products: connector, EI chip, LED support, lead frame, speaker network, heat sink computer, household appliances, buttons, auto parts, precision electronics, photographic equipment, motor stator rotor and other small precision parts stamping processing.  High speed stamping machine is one of the most advanced and fast metal processing equipment. In the increasingly high labor productivity today, the low speed punch has been unable to adapt to the rapid changes in the market. Only high-speed stamping machine can ensure that the stamping parts have a high precision, and the rapid parts forming process. And it can achieve the economic effect other metal processing methods can not achieve , such as artificial savings, time efficiency savings and so on.  Because of these advantages of high speed stamping machine, it has been widely used in machine manufacturing and metal processing in various fields.

As high speed stamping press manufacturers, our company puts forward the task of further developing industry, innovating technology, improving production organization, and further improving the speed of high speed presses. We hope to adopt various technical and organizational measures to improve the productivity of stamping.

These measures can be realized from the following aspects:

1, Reduce the number of processes during the work. The traditional low-speed stamping machine is through manual feeding. High-speed stamping machine is equipped with a variety of feeding machine, fast and accurate.

2.Increase the number of parts and parts rushed out at the same time. 3, improve the productivity of high-speed stamping machine. 3.Reduce or replace subsequent cutting.  In addition, increasing the robustness of stamping die is also of great significance. only in this way can ensure the use of high productivity stamping method. In the process of high-speed punching machine operation, if only the problem of improving productivity is solved, and the material saving and the strong durability of the punching die are ignored, the stamping process cannot be considered as reasonable. At the same time, it is economically inappropriate. Therefore, when purchasing high-speed stamping machine,  the matching degree, quality and service life of high speed punch and die are considered.

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