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Classification of Power Press Power

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Classification of Power Press Power

Power press machine is a general term. And it includes punch, hydraulic press, with characteristics of versatility and high production efficiency. it makes metal have plastic deformation and fracture to process parts through exerting strong pressure to the metal blank. So I will take you to have a detailed understanding of the press.

Pneumatic power press machine

Pneumatic power press machine is composed of Pneumatic-hydraulic booster cylinder, worktable and control logic valve. It uses pneumatic and hydraulic power to press! Gas source of 3KG – 7KG can reach 1 ton to 100 tons of high pressure output!

Screw power press machine

Screw and nut are used as transmission mechanism in screw power press machine, and the forward and reverse rotary motion of flywheel is transformed into a forging and pressing machine with up and down reciprocating motion of slider by screw transmission. While working, the motor makes the flywheel rotate faster to save energy, and at the same time, the slider moves downward through the screw and nut. When the slider contacts the workpiece, the flywheel is forced to decelerate to a complete stop, and the stored rotational kinetic energy is transformed into impact energy, which strikes the workpiece through the slider and deforms it. After the blow, the motor reverses the flywheel and drives the slider up to its original position. The specification of screw press is showed by nominal working force.

Crank power press machine

Crank power press machine is one of the most commonly used cold stamping equipment, which is used as the working platform of cold stamping die. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and convenient use. According to the structure of the bed, crank press can be divided into open crank press or closed crank press; according to the number of driving connecting rods, it can be divided into single point press or multi-point press; according to the number of sliders, it can be divided into single-action press or double-action press.

Multi-station power press machine

Multi-station power press machine is an advanced press equipment, which is the integration of multiple presses. It is generally composed of wire head unit, feeding mechanism, press and wire tail. The fastest rhythm can reach more than 40 times per minute, which can meet the needs of high-speed automatic production. Wire head unit can be divided into stacking unit, magnetic belt and cleaning, oiling equipment, etc. Feeding mechanism is generally composed of feeding arms; Press is generally divided into multiple sliders and single slider and choose according to different needs. The tail part is generally composed of conveying belt.

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