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Characteristics of Pneumatic Punch Press Feeders

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Characteristics of Pneumatic Punch Press Feeders

1. Product characteristics

(1) Pneumatic punch press feeder uses compressed air as its power source, which is of great efficiency and easy to operate. It can reduce labor force, and can be applied to manual operation and automated assembly line integrated operation.
(2) It has simple structure, convenient operation, low price and superior performance. It has no oil pressure system and noise generated by electric standby. Pneumatic punch press feeders can save power consumption and reduce production cost, and has a high cost performance ratio.
(3) The output is easy to adjust, and the required pressure can be adjusted only by adjusting the pressure of the air pressure. The yield of the product is high. Pneumatic punch press feeder is equipped with anti-rotating guide rod and guide plate, which has high precision and can adapt to high-speed and precision punching. The C-type machine structure is easy to operate, easy to load and unload, and conforms to work efficiency. It has safety design, comfortable operation, human considerations, and suitable for long-term operation.
(4) The speed, stroke, pressure and stamping time can be adjusted according to different products or dies.
(5) Pneumatic punch press feeders can choose two-hand control button or foot switch, which can increase protection device, heating die, temperature control and pressure sensor. The control device and pre-control device meet safety standards to ensure the personal safety of operators.
(6) It adopts microcomputer control system and you can select manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic operation. What’s more, additional control devices can be added.

2. Scope of application

Suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, instruments, cameras, clocks and watches, jewelry, hardware and clothing, shoes and hats industry.

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