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Characteristics Of Crank Press

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Characteristics Of Crank Press

Compared with other forging equipment, the crank press has the following characteristics:

(1) The crank slider mechanism in the crank press is rigidly connected, and the slider has the property of forced motion. That is to say, once the set size of the crank slider mechanism is determined, the upper and lower limit positions (upper and lower stop points), stroke size and closing height of the slider movement can be determined.

(2) When working, the fuselage forms a closed stress system, the process force is not transmitted to the foundation, and only a small amount of inertial impact vibration is transmitted to the outside, which will not cause strong vibration of the foundation.

(3) Use the flywheel to store the energy of the motor at no load, and release part of the energy at the moment of the short-term peak load of the crank press. The power of the motor is selected according to the average power of a working cycle.

The number of universal crank press connecting rod is divided into the single-point press, double point press and four-point press. Generally, the press with relatively small worktable has only one connecting rod, and the connecting rod and slider have only one connecting point, so it becomes a single point press. The working table of the press with a large tabletop is large, and more than two or four connecting rods are set, which is called two-point or four-point press. The multi-point press can be used to punch large forgings or install multiple sets of dies at the same time.

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