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Application of Power Press Machine in Stamping Automated Production Technology

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Application of Power Press Machine in Stamping Automated Production Technology

Stamping Automated Production Technology In the traditional stamping production line, sheet metal handling between front and rear equipment depends on manual fetching and placing. With the continuous improvement of production rhythm, manual feeding not only can not meet the needs of high rhythm, but also brings potential safety hazards. Because the personnel concentrate on improving the speed of taking and discharging materials, neglecting the harm of equipment movement, there are often accidents of equipment pressing into the hands and causing disabilities. Therefore, the automatic production line of manipulator instead of manual operation emerges at the historic moment.

Automated production, that is, the use of equipment instead of manual realization of the plate transportation between the front and rear part of press power machines. It not only avoids the risk of injury, but also improves the production efficiency by about 35%. After 2005, the automatic production technology of stamping parts in domestic automobile manufacturing enterprises sprang up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, which opened the curtain of stamping automatic production.

Introduction of Main Production Process Parameters of the Press Power Machine

At present, the mainstream press power machine is mechanical closed press power machine, which can be used for blanking, forming, bending, calibration, shallow drawing and other cold stamping processes of sheet parts. The technological parameters of press are very important, which not only affect the forming quality of products, but also have a great impact on efficiency, cost and even safety. Following is a brief description of some important parameters and accuracy of the press:


Press power machine is the main equipment in stamping production process. With the rapid development of automotive industry, the demand for various high-quality equipment in automotive industry is also increasing. In the development of stamping process, there are three processes: manual line production, automatic intermittent production and automatic high-speed continuous production. Production equipment plays an important role in each update of modes.

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