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Advantages of Nc Straightening Roll Feeder(3 in 1)

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Advantages of Nc Straightening Roll Feeder(3 in 1)


1. NC straightening roll feeder(3 in 1) is an automatic feeding device integrating feeding, adjusting, and rack. It owns high technology, high precision and high efficiency, which can be regarded as the vertex performance of NC straightening roll feeder(3 in 1) in the peripheral equipment series of products of punch press. It has many functions and advantages, and saves space, durable, and is easy to operate. It has a good effect on materials which are extra-long, extra-wide and thicker. It is unanimously regarded as the most advanced automatic feeding device in the industry.

2. Roller leveller and feeder are installed on the same machine platform, which can reduce the error of feeding and leveling to meet the requirements of high precision, and is convenient to install without occupying space.
3. Nc straightening roll feeder(3 in 1) can choose automatic hydraulic expansion mode to improve work efficiency.


1. Nc straightening roll feeder(3 in 1) adopts NC control computer system, which is more user-friendly. It is suitable for feeding and rectifying all kinds of metal sheets. It is suitable for wide materials of 0.3-3.2 thick. It is designed for space saving and easy operation.

2. Suitable for continuous stamping and feeding rectification of various hardware, electronics, electrical appliances, toys and automotive parts. And it is accurate and durable; coil device adopts oil pressure expansion, and materials are sent to the die without manual feeding, which is manpower saving and high safety.
3. Nc straightening roll feeder(3 in 1) adopts high-quality servo motor, electronic parts and controllers of electrical box, etc. The product has low failure rate and long service life.
4. Structure design is simple. Maintenance and management are simplified, and the safety of the operation by operators is strengthened; Contact roller is used to plate chromium. It has high precision, and is very durable.
5. Feeding length can be set arbitrarily. It is easy to operate, safe and stable. The front end of the coil can be squared and the material can be put into the roller. The motor drives the press arm device, so that the material will not be loosened.
6. The upgrade device of feeding guide arc can provide high efficiency and simple feeding. The feeding frame motor is driven by variable frequency motor, and the feeder can be synchronized.

Application scope of three-in-one feeder:

1. Nc straightening roll feeder (3 in 1) can be widely used in hardware, stamping, electronics, electrical appliances, science and technology, auto parts, metal, packaging, industry, precision, aviation, cabinet, machinery, electrical, mechanical and other industries.

2. it is suitable for strip, aluminium, copper, stainless steel, iron and other materials.

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