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Each KINGLAN member jointly pledges and shares responsibility.We share information, ideas and make decisions together to help each member work well. We not only focus on personal goals but also pay attention to the value-added effect of multiple members working together. Together we surround a goal that every member can be convinced of and we are eager to welcome every new challenge by collaborating with each other very well.

Our workers are passionate, energetic, ideal, and ambitious. Here, each of their ideas will get the team’s pertinent opinions, and eventually become perfect. And here their work is well-deserved and rewarded.

Technical Skills Training

Based on the enhancement of company’s professional and technical personnel as well as comprehensive customer service experience, KINGLAN group will organize technical training for relevant management personnel and technical personnel of each workshop every month. Learning and thinking are things that every technician should insist on. We strictly require every technician to fully understand the actual situation, see external conditions, and strengthen the theoretical learning combining with practice. We do our job well in daily work, work together to promote the all-round development of the group company, and lay a solid foundation for serving customers in all aspects.

R&D Regular Discussion

Since the foundation, KINGLAN has always adhered to the people-oriented philosophy, and attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents, especially innovative talents. After years of accumulation, our company has trained a number of technical talents with a high level in the industry. Technical research and development as the foundation and support for sustainable development of enterprises is crucial to the long-term development of the enterprise and the development of the whole industry. KINGLAN is well aware of the importance of R&D. Every month, a seminar is held for everyone to exchange ideas and make progress together. With any new and feasible ideas, our company will encourage to try, explore in the trial, make progress in the exploration, and experience the joy and pride brought by innovation in the progress.

Work Atmosphere

A good working atmosphere is a free, sincere and equal working atmosphere. You can feel this kind of home-like atmosphere in KINGLAN. KINGLAN is a group that focuse on people-to-people communication. Here, each employee has a good relationship with colleagues and supervisors, mutual recognition, a sense of collective identity, full use of teamwork, and work together to achieve work goals and realize the value of life. Every employee can actively contribute to his own strength while being recognized by others, and work hard in the direction of the organization. At work, we can flexibly and conveniently adjust our working methods to make our work more efficient.