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NC Servo Feeder

All main components of KINGLAN punch press servo feeder come from worldwide famous brands with CE CERTIFICATION, good quality and safety, such as full sets of Schneider low voltage components, Japan Mitsubishi PLC, Japan Yaskawa servo motor, etc.

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    Category: Auto Feeder

    NC Servo Roll Feeder Main Feature

    1. High precision feeding: Aiming at the arrival of hi-tech industry, it is controlled by computer closed-circuit feedback system. So that the precision can maintain within +/-0.03mm.

    2. Phase-style feeding function: It can input 20 groups of different feeding length, each group provides punching for 999 times to satisfy the processing and production of special products (option)

    3. Manual model: It can input 3 phases manual speed, which can let used operate more easily and feed materials more accuracy.

    4. High efficiency release device: It can set up release angle quickly, only match cam signal and adjusted feed thickness can done.

    5. Feeding length setting: Input feed length on the controller panel directly.

    6. Feeding unit: The roll adopts middle-hollow style. Being light and with low inertia for electroplate. The surface hardness HRC is 60 and hard chrome plated.

    NC Servo Feeder Working Principle

    NC feeder is also known as the servo feeder.

    It is an automatic equipment that realizes accurate feeding by rollers through a synchronous pulley driven by a complete CNC system such as PLC, servo motor and servo driver.
    According to the different relaxation actions, NC feeder is generally divided into two categories: pneumatic NC feeder and mechanical NC feeder. The feeding principle of these two feeders is exactly the same; the difference is how to achieve the relaxation action.

    The control system of the NC servo feeder machine consists of PLC, servo system and touch screen.

    PLC can improve the stability of the control system and enhance the anti-interference ability of the system. The servo system can accurately position the mechanical movement and improve the accuracy of the mechanical transmission. The touch screen can visually display and modify NC feeder parameters which simplify on-site operation.

    PLC is the core component of NC servo feeder.

    KINGLAN NC feeder is equipped with Siemens PLC. It has built-in high-speed pulse output function, which can directly send quantitative pulse number to control servo drive operation. The servo driver controls the rotational position and speed of the servo motor according to the number of pulses and the channel emitted by the PLC pulse output terminal, thereby accurately giving the feed length. The touch screen can visually display various parameters of the system, providing users with a good human-interface screen and simplifying on-site operation.

    When in the manual mode, the ACC (frequency acceleration/deceleration control) command is executed at the rising edge of the servo forward signal, and the mode control data is set to realize the CW (clockwise) direction rotation to make the servo motor rotate forward. At the falling edge of the servo forward signal, the INI (operation mode control) command is executed to stop the pulse output. The servo motor reversal situation can be analogized.

    When in the automatic mode, the PLC sends a preset pulse to the servo drive, and the PLS2 (positioning) command is executed at this time.

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