ALC Double Crank C Frame Press

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The ALC series of open type double crank c frame mechanical press is one of the best selling products of our company. The main drive gears, shafts, etc. are all enclosed at the top of the machine frame. After the body is welded with Q235-B, it will be tempered to eliminate the internal stress of the material. The main motor is mounted on the upper part of the frame, and the flywheel support, flywheel, clutch, etc. are installed on the rear side of the frame, and the flywheel is subjected to the assembly work after being tested for dynamic balance before assembly.

The gear part adopts a spur gear transmission mechanism, and the material is made of high-strength alloy steel, and the corresponding heat treatment is performed. Clutch is dry one-piece clutch brake. The clutch brake control system is controlled by a double valve. All bearing bushes are made of copper and wear resistant materials.

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    ALC Series Gap Frame  Stamping Press Performance

    1. High precision: In strict accordance with Japanese JIS first level accuracy standards, our press has better performance than domestic standard. All the main components are processed through imported CNC equipments.

    2. High rigidity, strong stability: Scientific structural design and high requirement welding processing make enough safety of our machine. Together with world top level overload automatic cut-off device, our machine is permanently guaranteed of free from deformation.

    3. Smooth and durable running: The use of balance device allows the slider and mould to run without gravity.

    4. High anti-eccentric ability: Long alloy cooper guide way assures slider moving more balance and smooth, ensuring more stable and long-term accuracy.

    5. Low noise: All transmission gears are grinded by Germany brand precision grinding machine, guaranteeing their engagement ratio and improving high service life.

    6. Stable and durable clutch and brake system: Advanced professional pneumatic clutch brake coupled with imported TACO solenoid valve gives itself high sensitivity and long service life, free from accidental like continuous stroke.

    7. Superb quality overload protection device: World top level overload protection device can detect the exceeded pressure within 0.01s and quickly protect.

    8. Stable and reliable electrical circuit: Authentic Japanese and Taiwan brand electrical components ensure stable and durable electrical circuit.

    9. High quality sealing parts: All designated Japanese brand bearings and imported sealing parts, ensuring machine’s high precision and long service life.

    C Frame Mechanical Press Specification

    Technical Parameter
    Item ALC-110 ALC-160 ALC-200 ALC-250 ALC-315
    Model V H V H V H V H V H
    Capacity 110 160 200 250 315
    Rated Tonnage Point mm 5 3 6 3 6 3 7 3.5 7 3.5
    Stroke mm 180 110 200 130 250 150 280 170 280 170
    Stable speed s.p.m 35~65 50~100 30~55 40~85 25~45 35~70 20~35 30~60 20~35 30~50
    Die Height mm 400 435 450 485 500 550 550 605 550 605
    Slide Adjustment mm 100 100 120 120 120
    Slide Area mm 1400×500×70 1600×550×70 1850×650×95 2100×700×95 2100×700×95
    Bolster Area mm 1800×650×130 2000×760×150 2400×840×170 2700×900×170 2800×950×170
    Main Motor kw.p 7.5×4 11×4 15×4 18.5×4 22×4
    Air Pressure kg/cm² 5~6 5~6 5~6 5~6 5~6
    Presses Precision Ton JAPAN JIS CLASS 1
    Die Cushion Two plate & two cylinders
    Capacity Ton 3.6×2 6.3×2 10×2 14×2 14×2
    Stroke mm 70 70 80 100 120
    Die Cushion work part dimension mm 350×235×2 410×260×2 540×350×2 640×470×2 640×470×2


    Mechanical Components Ball bearing SKF/NTN From Germany/Japan
    Oil seal NOK Japan
    O-ring NOK Japan
    Air tank Rongda/kinglan Taiwan/china
    Clutch/Brake jiekai china
    Quick die change Fuwei Taiwan
      Electric Components Main motor Dong yuan Taiwan
    Inveter Delta Taiwan
    Brake motor Fute beijing China
    Contactor Schneider France
    Photo-electrical protection Jining keli China
    Relay Schneider France
    Two-hands button Schneider France
    Emergency-stop button Schneider France
    Touch screen Delta Taiwan
    PLC Delta Taiwan
    Encoder Guangyang Japan
    Proximity switch Omron Japan
    Operating mode switch with lock Simens Germany
    Metal socket Fade China
    Indicator light Schneider France
    Air Components Solenoid valve & control unit SMC Japan
    Pneumatic cylinder With qualification manufacturer China
    Clutch / brake solenoid valve TACO Japan
    Hydraulic Components Eletric grease pump IHI Japan
    Quick die change FUWEI Taiwan
    Overload production device KOSMEK/SANDSUN Japan

    C Frame Ball Joint Press Accessories

    Accessories Standard Accessories Optional
    Hydraulic Over-load      Protector Electrical Automatic Lubrication System
    Manual drive Lubrication System Pneumatic Die Cusion Device
    Inverter Presrt Counter
    Slide Adjust Device Presrt Counter
    Die HEIGH Indicator Foot Switch
    Balance Device Quick Die Change Device (Die Lifter,Clamp And Die Arm shift mode)
    Rotary Cam Switch Slide Knock-out Device
    Crank Angle Indicator Misfeed Detection Consent
    Electric Stroke Counter Power Supply
    Air source Recepatacle Anti Vibration Press Mount
    Against Over-run Safety Device Photo-electronic Safety Device
    Maintenance Tool Box Feeder
    Operation Manual Uncoiler
    Machanism Hand
    Die Room Light

    ALC Double Crank C Frame Press Photos

    ALE Double Crank H Frame Power Press Punching Machine

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