Power Press Wiki

Adjustment And Correction Of Power Press

1.Clearance between the slider and the rail The gap between the slider and the guide rail is mainly adjusted for accuracy, and when the adjustment is too tight, heat is generated. Generally, the accuracy for small press is 0.02~0.05mm on each side, and for big press is 0.03~0.20mm on each side. 2. Comprehensive gap Correction method of comprehensive clearance: Touch the moving slider body…
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Installation Accuracy Adjustment Of Mechanical Press

The precision adjustment of the mechanical press includes the adjustment of the level of the base working table during the installation of the press, the parallelism between the slider and the working surface during the test run of the press, the verticality of the slide stroke and the working surface, and the clearance between the slide and the guide rail. The accuracy adjustment of each item is not independent, and…
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Mechanical Power Press Safety Training

Power press safety operation rules 1. The press operator must learn to master the structure and performance of the press, be familiar with the operating procedures and obtain the operation permission before operating independently. The press machine should be used by a professional person. 2. Operator should be properly worn protection clothes when working in the workshop. 3. Proper use of the safety protection…
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Mechanical Press Machine Working Principle

The design principle of the mechanical power press is to convert the circular motion into a linear motion, and the main motor outputs the force to drive the flywheel. The clutch drives the gear, the crankshaft (or the eccentric gear), the connecting rod, etc. to achieve the linear motion of the slider. The motion of the motor to the connecting rod is a circular…
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