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In the production of finished cars, stamping, welding, painting and assembly are collectively referred to as the four major processes for the production of cars. According to statistics, in the more than 2,000 automotive parts, the number of stamping parts of sheet metal is more than 40%, and the status of stamping process equipment in the automotive industry is evident. Today, the individual characteristics of cars make the cycle of car models replacement shorter and shorter. The change of car model is mainly reflected in the changes in the shape and structure of the car body, which is compatible with the ever-changing variety of sheet metal stamping parts.

Sheet metal stampings can be roughly divided into three categories, namely body panels, body structural parts and small and medium-sized stampings. The body panels and body structural parts are parts having functions of maintaining the body shape, such as a door, a top cover, a side panel, a trunk lid etc. which are main bodies of the sheet metal stampings. The distribution of small and medium-sized stampings in cars is relatively decentralized. For example, wheels, clutches, air conditioners for vehicles, micro-motors and other components have a large number of stampings.

Automobile covers are the most important sheet metal parts that mark the quality of automobiles. There are two main methods for its production.

A. Multiple large and heavy-duty mechanical presses equipped with automated transfers form an automated flexible press line

These machines adopt an advanced multi-link transmission system on the structure. The multi-link mechanisms that drive the inner and outer sliders are optimally designed by the computer, so that the operation of the four groups of rods is optimally synchronized, and the inner slider has a higher degree travel and return speed in one stroke, low and uniform work stroke. This feature can effectively improve the accuracy of parts and die life, reduce scrap rate. The automatic stamping production line composed of them has large tonnage, large stroke, large worktable, large tonnage air cushions, automatic loading and unloading transfer system, automatic die change system, and a full-featured touch screen monitoring system. Whole production line is with high production speed and high precision.

B. Production of large multi-station presses

The machine adopts many international advanced technologies such as electronically controlled synchronization, electronic servo three-coordinate feeding, multiple connecting rods, automatic die changing, mold protection and has various automatic functions such as remote diagnosis, remote control and network communication, suitable for cold stamping processes such as drawing, bending, blanking and forming of sheet metal parts in automobile manufacturing.

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