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Aerospace Industry

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Aerospace Industry

Sheet metal stamping process is one of the pillar processes in aerospace manufacturing industry. Sheet metal stamping parts constitute the aerodynamic shape of aircrafts and rockets, as well as various stamping parts with different sizes, complex shapes, different materials, outputs, and various types of products.

Large aircrafts have 30,000 to 50,000 sheet metal stampings, many of which are formed by using special equipments.

With the development of digital technology, information technology, automation technology, and measurement and control technology, stamping technology has achieved unprecedented development in depth and breadth underdriven by the research and development need of sheet metal stampings with new materials, new structures and high-tech content. In particular, special stamping forming technologies have made greater progress, and some special forming technologies have also achieved greater development in aero-engine applications.

The shapes of sheet metal stamping parts in the aero-engine are extremely complicated, the size is much different, the materials and variety are various, and the output is also different. Moreover, the parts on the aero-engine have high technical demand than the sheet metal parts of other industries, and the processing is more difficult. Not only does the shape and size of the parts need to meet the design technical requirements, but the extremely high reliability of the aerospace industry also requires that the parts have a reliable service life, and therefore the performance of the parts after their formation is also very strict.

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