Mechanical Power Press

Our mechanical power press capacity ranges from 25ton to 2400ton and are manufactured in compliance with international industrial standards utilizing quality approved industry-famous accessories and continuously updated new technology. In order to ensure quality, our metal stamping press is strictly tested on various quality parameters by our expert quality controllers. With the efforts and dedication of our professionals along with the trust and support of our valued customers, our sheet metal stamping press has surpassed many of our competitors in terms of quality and services. We value so much what we have achieved today and will continue to work hard for much better future of our own staff and our customers.
  • ALP Single Crank C Frame Press

    ALP Single Crank C Frame Press

    The ALP series of open-type fixed table presses are general-purpose presses for sheet metal stamping. They are suitable for various cold stamping processes such as shearing, punching, blanking, bendin...
  • ALC Double Crank C Frame Press

    ALC Double Crank C Frame Press

    The ALC series of open type double crank press is one of the best selling products of our company. The main drive gears, shafts, etc. are all enclosed at the top of the machine frame. After the body i...
  • ALE Double Crank H Frame Press

    ALE Double Crank H Frame Press

    ALE series press machine is one of the hot products of KINGLAN high-precision press machines. It adopts the structure of closed type double-crank, frame made by welded steel plate which processed thro...
  • ALD Single Crank Semi-closed Press

    ALD Single Crank Semi-closed Press

    The ALD series is a semi-closed crank press independently developed by KINGLAN to meet customer needs. It has the characteristics of small change of mold height, small deviation of dynamic center, sma...
  • ALF Single Crank Closed Press

    ALF Single Crank Closed Press

    The ALF series presses have an integrated welding machine body and a crankshaft drive. Closed single-point circulation thin oil lubrication, which further improves the working environment of the machi...
  • ALT Double Crank Integrated H Frame Press

    ALT Double Crank Integrated H Frame Press

    The ALT series presses are closed type double-point circulating thin oil lubrication. The ultra-long eight-sided guide rails can maintain good precision under a little eccentric load due to the two fo...
  • ALH Double Crank Separated H Frame Press

    ALH Double Crank Separated H Frame Press

    The ALH series press machine adopts a three-divided frame. The reinforcing rod is used to pre-tighten the top seat, the middle platform and the base into a whole, which has strong rigidity. The whole ...
  • ALM Series Special Press for Battery Case

    ALM Series Special Press for Battery Case

    The battery shell deep drawing press machine and the battery shell pres line conform to the high-speed development needs of new energy vehicles and smart phone batteries. With the concept of “innovat...
  • T4L8 Four Point Eight Link Mechanical Press

    T4L8 Four Point Eight Link Mechanical Press

    The T4L8 series press is a four point eight-linkage press. It has its own special structures as a large-scale tonnage press machine made by KINGLAN. In the transmission system of the press, the multi-...
  • T2 Two Point Eccentric Gear Driving Press

    T2 Two Point Eccentric Gear Driving Press

    The T2 series press is a two-point eccentric type press. The eccentric gear is one of the key parts of the mechanical press. In the main drive system of the upper beam of the press, the eccentric gear...
  • T4 Four Point Eccentric Gear Link Type Press

    T4 Four Point Eccentric Gear Link Type Press

    The T4 series press is a four-point eccentric type press with 4 sets of guide post and guide bushes. Its working table can be made larger than T2 series. KINGLAN T4 series press machine adopts mature ...

Our mechanical metal stamping press advantages:

High precision
In strict accordance with Japanese JIS 1 grade accuracy standards, our press has better performance than domestic standard. All main components are processed through imported CNC equipments.

High rigidity, strong stability
Scientific structural design and high requirement welding processing make enough safety of our machine. Together with world top level overload automatic cut-off device, our machine is permanently guaranteed of free from deformation.

Smooth and durable running
The use of balance device allows the slider and mould to run without gravity.

High anti-eccentric ability
Long alloy cooper guide way assures slider moving more balance and smooth, ensuring more stable and long-term accuracy.

Low noise
All transmission gears are grinded by Germany brand precision grinding machine, guaranteeing their engagement ratio and improving high service life.

Stable and durable clutch and brake system
Advanced professional pneumatic clutch brake coupled with imported TACO solenoid valve gives itself high sensitivity and long service life, free from accidental like continuous stroke.

Superb quality overload protection device
World top level overload protection device can detect the exceeded pressure within 0.01s and quickly protect.

Stable and reliable electrical circuit
Authentic Japanese and Taiwan brand electrical components ensure stable and durable electrical circuit.

High quality sealing parts
All designated Japanese brand bearings and imported sealing parts, ensuring machine’s high precision and long service life.
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