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KINGLAN own advanced automated cutting, welding equipment, furnace, sand blasting, shot blasting, machining equipment, painting equipment, and perfect testing equipment. We mainly produce 25tons – 2400tons of mechanical presses. Since 2007, we developed a new stand-alone multi-station presses, automated multi-machine connections, and other types of progressive die press precision stamping production line, forging/forging equipment, press intelligent control software etc.

Mechanical Power Press

Our mechanical power press capacity ranges from 25ton to 2400ton and are manufactured in compliance with international industrial standards utilizing quality approved industry-famous accessories and continuously updated new technology. In order to ensure quality, our metal stamping press is strictly tested on various quality parameters by our expert quality controllers. With the efforts and dedication of our professionals along with the trust and support of our valued customers, our sheet metal stamping press has surpassed many of our competitors in terms of quality and services. We value so much what we have achieved today and will continue to work hard for much better future of our own staff and our customers.

Stamping Die

As an inseparable part of metal stamping line, stamping die set and tooling system is much important in its service life and precision as it directly works on stamping parts and effects parts’ forming quality. So KINGLAN invests in this product and much careful of cooperating with our partners. Our capabilities include the production of progressive dies, transfer dies, single stage dies, multi-stage dies and more. These punch press dies can be created for various applications in industries such as automotive, home appliances, stationery, hand tool, hardware, computer, electronics etc.

Auto Feeder

To help customer save cost and provide better services in the whole automation stamping lines, KINGLAN made an investment on high-quality feeding system which can be used for various applications, like uncoiler, straightener, servo feeder, 2 in 1 uncoiler-straightener, 3 in 1 uncoiler-straightener-feeder, zigzag feeder etc. Our power press feeder cooperating with our stamping press can provide customer with an unusual and high efficiency experience.

Stamping Automation

The stamping robotic arm manipulator is a device developed on the basis of automation equipment and specially developed for the unmanned production of stamping automation according to the characteristics of stamping products. It can replace the man power in terms of stamping, handling, loading and unloading of materials in various stamping stations.The robotic arm manipulator has an important embodiment in saving manpower and labor costs, improving labor and equipment safety, and maintaining product productivity, quality and process stability in the industries of repetitive, dangerous and high-beat product manufacturing. With the development of the stamping automation industry, various arm manipulator have been designed according to different product processes and on-site use environments.